Social media lifts deaths

The article speaks for itself.
Schoolboys aged 13 and 14 killed in car crash and their driver, 21, who ‘picked them up without their parents’ permission af- ter offering friends lifts on Facebook’
George Wharton, 14 and Rhys Baker,13 died after the crash and two other 14-year-olds suffered life-threatening injuries.
Tom McMeekin, (pictured) named as the 21-year-old who was driving
the blue Citroen, remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition.
Police are investigating claims Mr McMeekin was operating an unli- censed taxi after offering friends lifts at rates ‘cheaper than a taxi’ on Facebook.
Tom McMeekin, 21, was driving the car when it crashed into a tree. He remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition
No one has been arrested in connection with the incident which took place in Morley, West Yorkshire, on Saturday afternoon.
Today a relative of the younger of the pair described his death as ‘such a shock’. Two other teenagers, named locally as Kameron Walters, 14 and 15-year-old Joshua Van Veen, remain in critical condition in hospital.

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2 thoughts on “Social media lifts deaths

  1. This article needs to be removed. It is full of untruths and misleading information. Three major points being:

    The driver was FRIENDS with the other occupants of the car, the article almost implies that he abducted them!

    The driver is also fighting for his life in hospital, very far from a “serious but stable condition”.

    The driver had offered to take his friends (not the general public) where they wanted to go if they covered the cost of the petrol. Just lads out enjoying driving around, NOT a taxi service!

    The initial press coverage of this incident was despicable to say the least, much to the detriment and distress of the family of the driver, and I am sure incited grief turning to anger. Countless threats of revenge (even to his younger siblings) are not something that should be endured, especially at a time like this!

    • Until such reports are confirmed in the press I can only post what is the current information. If you wish to cite references backing your statement feel free. I must stress that “without parents permission” doesn’t sugest kidnapping. It suggests the parents of children did not know they were with what is confirmed in law by a grown man. How many 14-16 year olds realisticly are “friends” with 21 year olds.

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