Vw scam

We were told in the news this wouldn’t affect uk drivers.

Volkswagen emissions scandal
Millions of Britons could be driving illegal cars
Millions of diesel cars could be recalled if
manufacturers are found to have rigged emissions tests
like Volkswagen
Millions of British motorists could be driving illegal cars which
have been doctored to mask dangerous levels of emissions after Volkswagen admitted to rigging pollution tests.
The German manufacturer is facing fines of $18 billion after accepting it had systematically installed software in VW and Audi diesels since 2009 to deceive regulators who were measuring exhaust fumes.
On Monday night the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) widened its investigation to other car manufacturers as campaigners warned that the practice was likely to be widespread across the industry, affecting motorists worldwide.
Air pollution is thought to account for 30,000 deaths each year in Britain. But health experts have long argued that there is far too much nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the air for car industry emissions figures to be accurate. They claim levels should have halved in recent years and yet they have remained stubbornly high.
In Britain and the rest of Europe, all new diesels should have met the Euro 6 emissions standard from September 1 but a recent report by campaigners Transport & Environment (T&E) found just one in 10 complied.
One BMW was pumping out more than 10 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide.
If more manufactures are drawn into the scandal it could lead to millions of cars, which have been bought in Britain over the last six years, being recalled.
Greg Archer, T&E’s clean vehicles manager said: “The Volkswagen example is clearly just the tip of the iceberg and there will be a lot more companies dragged into this.
“Exactly the same technology is used in Europe as it is the US, and tens of millions of cars have been sold since 2009.
“That means that there are potentially millions of cars that are being driven illegally. Obviously it is not the drivers’ fault, but it is likely we will see huge numbers of recalls.”
On Monday night German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt ordered an examination of all Volkswagen diesel cars. The company also makes Seats, Skodas, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Porsches. Motoring experts said it was a ‘disaster beyond all expectations’. Shares in the company plunged by 20 per cent on the back of the admission by Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn (pictured) who resigned his position this week, that the company had used ‘defeat’ technology to evade emissions test.

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