Digital driving licence

Digital driving license will appear on phone but plastc licenses stll available

The (DVSA) will test the system this September and roll it out in spring 2018 as the DVSA plans to modernise tests and to prepare for driverless cars. Searching under the dash to find your license will soon be a thing of the past. By next year motorists will be able to store digital licenses on their smartphones. The DVSA will trial the system this September and hopefully roll it out in spring 2018. CEO Mr Morley tweeted a photo of a prototype for a digital licence which showed an iPhone screen displaying the image of a licence in the Apple Pay app. Morley insists it will be ‘quick, easy and secure’ to prevent forgeries but plastic licenses will still be available. He wants the free digital service to allow people to share and validate information with ‘trusted’ third parties such as employers and insurers.

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