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Just a quick update on the tax disc situation. As end of the tax disc age catches out motorists: The new car tax rules you need to know to avoid an £800 fine or having your car clamped
Motorists no longer need to display a tax disk on their windscreen, but other modifications – such as the way vehicle tax is transferred when a car changes hands – has left many people confused.
In October last year, vehicle tax went digital. Cars no longer need to display a tax disc and instead police cameras will automatically check a car’s licence plate to establish whether it has been paid. Drivers also gained the ability to spread the cost of the tax by paying by monthly direct debit.
But the change that is catching people out is this. For decades, if a car changed ownership any remaining vehicle excise duty would be transferred as well.
Anyone selling a second-hand car could boast that it was ‘taxed and MOT’d’ until a certain date – it was one of the perks of buying second hand.
From October, the paid tax is automatically cancelled if a car changes hands.
This means that the new owner must pay again. The former owner will automatically receive a refund of any full months of remaining paid tax.
Who will this affect?
Anyone who buys or sells a car or just changes the name to whom a car is registered. All other drivers can continue to pay their car tax as usual – the only difference is they will no longer receive a tax disc and payment options are now more flexible.
The number of cars that have been clamped has rocketed by 60 per cent since the new rules came into force, from about 5,000 a month before the changes to 8,630 after.
The increase suggests drivers may be confused by the fact outstanding tax is cancelled, even if there is a seemingly valid tax disc in the car window.
What happens if you’re caught out?
The DVLA says it is writing to all buyers of vehicles to let them know they must pay the tax. If it isn’t paid, it also sends out a reminder.
If you fail to pay the tax, your car will be clamped and you’ll have to pay a substantial release fee to get it back.
The government website has more information.
To release an untaxed vehicle that has been clamped a fee of £100 must be paid. In addition, the vehicle must be taxed or a surety of £160 for a car or motorcycle must be paid before the vehicle can be released. The surety payment is forfeited if the keeper does not show the vehicle has been taxed within 2 weeks. This may be done at the nearest car pound. If the vehicle is not released within 24 hours it is impounded and the release fee increases to £200.
There is a £21 per day storage charge as well as the requirement to tax the vehicle or make a surety payment. This must be done at the car pound where the vehicle is being stored. The motorist would need to call NSL on 0843 224 1999 to find out which car pound this would be. If the necessary release and storage fees are not paid, DVLA could dispose of the vehicle after it has been in the car pound for seven days.

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Test pass.

Congratulations to Mark Howard passing 1st time today with just 4 minor faults. Well done pal.

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Rochdale test centre

The centre will relocate as soon as a site is found.

Rochdale driving test centre
Rochdale test centre will be moving later this year.
We have been given notice by the landlord and need to vacate the test centre by the end of June.

We are committed to providing testing from the Rochdale area and are in the process of locating a new site.

We will let you know the details of the new location as soon as they are available.

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Online services

Just a quick one about planned maintainance on Dvsa
Planned maintenance this weekend for some DVSA online services
This weekend some of DVSA’s online services for driver and rider trainers won’t be available because of planned maintenance.
You won’t be able to use the following services from 9:00am Saturday (28 March) until mid afternoon on Sunday (29 March):

book and manage your practical driving test
DVSA practical test business service
ADI online services (eg. renew or update your registration)
record Driver CPC training you provide
check your Driver CPC periodic training hours
upload delegated examiner records
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Online theory tests

The online theory test booking service won’t be affected. You and your trainees will still be able to book and manage your theory tests as usual.

Dear All

In case any of your members use the theory test centre in Cheltenham, I wanted to advise you that the location of this centre will be changing in April.

The last day of testing at the current site at Pate Court on St Margaret’s Road is Thursday 16h April. There will be no testing in Cheltenham between Friday 17th April and Friday 24th April to allow the fit out of the new site. Testing will then start at the new site on Saturday 25th April.

The address of the new theory test site is as follows:

The Coliseum
18-20 Albion Street
GL52 2LP

Candidates will be informed of the new address in their email confirmation of their test booking.

I hope you find this information useful and there is minimal disruption to candidates and trainers. Please let me know if there is any other information which would be helpful to pass on to your members.

Elizabeth Smith | Driving Theory Test Service Manager
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency | Finance and Corporate Services
Phone: 0115 936 6429 Mobile: 07818 494 632

DVSA, The Axis Building, 112 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 6LP

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