New photo card licence

With another photocard set to replace the current format of card and counterpart the dvsa has decided to have an intermediate change to help with the fight against fraud.

New style photocard driving licence

DVLA has introduced a new style photocard driving licence from February 2014.

Holders of valid driving licences will not need to replace their current driving licence. The old driving licence format is still valid and will be updated gradually as they are renewed and replaced.

What’s changed

The new card, provided by Gemalto (UK), will have a refreshed design and incorporate a host of improved security features including a new security holograph, raised surface pattern and an Optical Variable Ink (OVI) which will continue to keep the driving licence secure. The latest security features will also help in the fight against fraud.

Organisations who check driving licences

If you are an organisation which regularly checks photocard driving licences you’ll need to be aware of the changes to the cards design.

If you have any concerns on the validity of a driver’s licence you can check the employing people to drive section.

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