What questions should I ask a driving instructor?

The most obvious question is cost right?

Er no.

What should I ask then?

Well first of all I’d want to know what grade the instructor i’m talking to is. What’s that? Well every 2-4 years depending on how their last assessment went went all driving instructors have a standards check to make sure they’re up to speed. They are then graded with either an A or B of if their last grading was a few years ago with a number between 4-6 anything lower than a 4 would have been a fail.

Let’s look at those grades.

4 a competent instructor with some errors in either knowledge base or content not suitable to the learners individual needs.

5 a more productive lesson was taught with less errors

6 a high quality lesson was delivered with few errors and catering to the individual needs of the pupil


B a competent instructor similar to 4/5 in the old system

A high quality same as 6

Ok what else should I ask?

How long have you been an instructor?

If an individual instructor has been teaching a long time and kept up to date with changes within DVSA policies and within the industry they should be pretty good.

Then I’d ask about availability and finally cost.

My last 3 gradings were 6 6 and A incase you’re wondering, I’ve been teaching since 2003 and i’m one of the least expensive instructors out there.

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