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Scam emails

EXPOSED: DVLA car tax SCAM DO NOT OPEN this fraud email 

DVLA has issued a warning about a car tax email scam which is circulating online 

British motorists have been warned about scammers posing as the DVSA. 

The email scam being sent to many UK drivers boasts that they have an unclaimed fee from an overpayment on the system. The email is also states that the refunds are time sensitive so people should ‘claim now.’ 

These scams mostly direct you to a page where you will be asked to provide bank details and license information. Any details could be used in fake documentation and 
They could use your card to purchase goods online from the information given from your driving licence. 

This scam email uses DVLA logos. 

A DVLA spokesperson has issued a statement to Asking the public to report phishing and not to reply or confirm their personal details or payment information. Anyone getting these should delete the message and don’t click the link. 

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