Manual gear box entitlements.

In an odd move the DVSA announced this week changes to licence entitlements. If you’ve only had a licence for an automatic car you can only drive an automatic vehicle. So you’d say, take a test in an automatic bus/HGV and you can only dive an auto bus/HGV.



if you have a manual car licence and pass an automatic bus/HGV you CAN DRIVE A MANUAL bus/HGV.

When I questioned Trevor Outram northern area manager to the DVSA his response was “the DVSA believes if you know gears you know gears” my response was agreed with by him. “there are plenty more gears in an HGV than a car. You kinda need to know when to use what and why.

Still, an interesting evenings meeting. Other things were covered but none that are of use to “L” drivers at the moment.

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