No more hand held phones whist driving

The best idea I’ve seen in ages. Sadly it’s voluntary The app that blocks your phone while driving: Romex tracks how fast you are moving to lock down distracting handsets
Figures suggest that a staggering 95 per cent of motorists have seen other drivers using their phone at the wheel.
In a bid to curb this illegal activity, a London-based firm has developed an app that makes it physically impossible to check messages while the car is moving.
Called Romex MyFix, it uses the phone’s GPS system to detect when it’s travelling at 4mph
(6km/h) or faster and disable the screen.
It was developed by employer-tracking firm of the same name Romex. The firm already sells a similar product to the car fleet sector and is now adapting it to the consumer market with the app, called Distraction Prevention.
When the app detects movement at speed it locks the phone, disabling calls, texts, emails and social media messaging, among other distractions. It can also monitor a driver’s speed and time spent behind the wheel.
The app doesn’t disable the phone entirely and will allow people to accept calls using a Bluetooth headset. Source: Mail Online

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